… I will make the tour of mountain Velouchi

Karpenisi-Agia Triada-Fourna-Karpenisi

Total distance: 80 km from Karpenisi.


topio_karpenissiStarting from Karpenisi, the visitor can follow the path to Stenoma-Pavlopoulos-Domianoi-Agia Triada-Fourna. It’s a path through firs, plane trees and chestnut trees, where the images and the landscapes alternate, offering an exciting sight. One should make a stop at the traditional village of Domianoi and the extremely devout Holy Monastery of Panagia. After that you arrive in Agia Triada and continue for Fourna and the beautiful village of Vracha. You return to Karpenisi following the national road, watching from above the valley of the neighboring Phthiotida.