Monastery of Tatarna

tatarnaThe monastery of Tartana (or Tetarna) is one of the most historic monasteries of Central Greece. It is located in Evrytania, west of Tripotamos village and near the old, historical bridge which bares the same name (Tatarna bridge) in Acheloos river. The old historic monastery no longer exists, nor does the old bridge. It collapsed in 1963 after the earthquakes, which were followed by the construction of the dam in Kremasta and the creation of the Kremasta lake. The monastery was founded in 1111 and it emerged during the 13th century with the help of Saint Theodora of Arta.

We encounter the name Tatarna for the first time in 1556 in the founding of the monastery by its founder, monk David. At the same time, Patriarch Dionysius II declares with a signet the monastery Patriarchal and Stavropegic. Caesarius Dapontes (1713-1784) mentions the monastery in one of his poems.

The courtyard of Tatarna Monastery

During the Ottoman Greece occupation the monastery developed a strong resistance movement and suffered many disasters. In 1823 it was burned by Hoursit Pasha. It was rebuilt during the reign of King Otto in 1841 and designed by the Bavarian engineer Knocht. After the earthquake of 1963 and the destruction of the old monastery, the new monastery was rebuilt in 1969. The monastery is dedicated to the birth of Virgin Mary and celebrates on the 8th of September. According to an old code: “The great and holy church is completed … being at the banks of Acheloos River, the so-called Tetarnis (1580) in September, with the  high priest of Lidja and Agrafa sir Germano and abbot Gabriel, one of the brothers of the monastery … ”

In the monastery’s museum there are many relics preserved such as vestments, gospels, images and the lamp which was offered by Katsandonis (the heroic thief of Agrafa and Valtos) in fulfillment of a vow, as stated in a couplet.

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Μόνη Τατάρνας

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Μόνη Τατάρνας 38.943101, 21.517539 Μόνη Ταταρνης, Ευρυτανία, Ελλάδα (Directions)