The Holy Virgin Monastery in Domianoi

The Monastery of Domianoi is one of the most important post-Byzantine monuments with a valuable contribution to the Nation and Orthodoxy. It consists of the Holy Temple, large cells above the ground, a towering steeple 18m high and a yard with three big cypress trees.


The history of the temple

domianoi-05The temple of Holy Virgin in Domianoi operated for an unknown period of time as a monastery. This can be seen in the architectural and structural elements of the church: semicircle low doors, small windows high on the walls, large cells above the ground- like in all the major monasteries-, the holy water that flows inside the temple at a depth of 2 meters beneath the floor. It is difficult to determine the time the church was first built but, according to traditions and a graph in the old curtain of the Beautiful Gate, it was probably built in the 16th century. It was partly burnt and later destroyed at its west side because the monks were involved in pre-revolutionary movements.


The image of Virgin Mary in Domianoi (Panagia Domianitissa)

The sacred tradition says that the miraculous image of Virgin Mary the Domianitissa, which was located in the neighboring area of Vracha and came from there to Domianoi when the church was built, was found in the branches of a large oak that still exists near the church. Every night there was a light seen in that place. The news of the miracle quickly spread and the residents of Vracha went to get the image. On the way back to their village they lied down to sleep and when they opened their eyes the image had disappeared. They turned to Domianoi and found the picture again on the branches of the oak. They recaptured it and set off for the village, but the image disappeared again. This kept on going and the villagers gave up and decided to let her stay where she wanted- to Domianoi. The residents of Domianoi built a church and placed the miraculous icon.


The source of the Holy Water

In the northwest part of the church and from a depth of 2 meters from the floor, a small amount of Holy Water spurts. This happens on the eve of the Assumption (Feast of the Assumption) and the spurt lasts for two days. In Domianoi the feast lasts for three days.

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