Museums of Evrytania

The first time Evrytania is mentioned in in Homer. From then until the present day, history has left its mark on this unique place. Visit the historical monuments and museums of the region, travel through time and experience the entire history of Evrytania … like a lovely traditional fairy tale!

• Museum of National Resistance (Koryschades: 6 km from Karpenisi)

• Folklore Museum in Megalo Chorio (Megalo CHorio: 14 km from Karpenisi)

• Museum in Palaio Mikro Chorio (Palaio Mikro Chorio: 16 km from Karpenisi)

 • Folklore Museum in Agia Triada and the residence of Christos Karapiperis (Agia Triada: 35 km from Karpenisi)

 • Viniani Museum (Viniani: 38 km from Karpenisi.)

 • Folklore and Historical Museum of Domnista (Domnista: 41 km from Karpenisi)

 • Folklore Museum of Granitsa (Granitsa: 83 km Karpenisi)