Historical Monuments

 1. Turla Hill in Stenoma, remains of an old castle.

 2. Battle site Lepeniotis  in Papadia, where Lepeniotis fought Suleiman Toti.

 3. Fournas Square where in 1815 Lepeniotis was assassinated.

 4. Ancient settlement Gla, in the village of Chochlia, where a statuette of Dionysus was found.

 5. Site Koukia in Vracha, where Karaiskakis fought the Turks.

 6. Top Bulgara in Kleitsos, where in 996 AC Samuel’s Bulgarian troops were defeated by the Evrytan troops, retreating after their defeat in Lamia.

7. ‘Liazmpei’ site in Koritsa Kleitsou.

8. Skarpi’s house in Megalo Chorio where two heroes from Kastania fought against the Turks till they dropped.

9. The top of Kaliakouda between the villages Megalo Chorio and Aniada, where the Greeks lost a battle on 28-8-1823.

10. Spot ‘Ano Logkoves’ in Palaio Mikro Chorio where on 24-12-1942, 13 Greek patriots were executed from the Nazi troops.

11. Karaiskaki’s towers in Prousos.

12. Spot Paliokastro in Koryschades, traces of an old fortress.

13. Spot Kaminia in Koryschades, where supposedly they were making military weapons in ancient times.

14. Site Agios Nicholas in Klafsi where there are remnants of an ancient settlement

15. Spot ‘Kokkalia’ in the path to Kríkello, where in 279 BC a great battle took place between Aetolians and the Gauls.

16. Remnants of the ancient Fantinoy in Domnista.

17. Castle ‘Ktisma’ in the position Psiana of village Zagora, built with huge stones.

18. Livini hill near the village Stefani, where there was a fierce battle with the Turks in 1684.

19. Site ‘Kastri’ in the village Fidakia where some place ancient Oichalia.

20. Settlement of Aroniada, at the bridge of Megdova, lots of ancient and Byzantine finds.

21. Site Agios Georgios in the village Palia Viniani, remnants of an ancient fortress.

22. Site ‘ Kyfos ‘ in Mayromata where there is a plateau with many remnants of a pre-Christian settlement.

23. Spot ‘Kastraki’ in Kerasochori with traces of ancient settlement.

24. Castle Tsoukas ,dating back to pre-Christian era.

25. Castle Tsoukas.

26. Velaora’s castles where according to tradition a golden sow with ten piglets were found.

27. Settlement Kyparissi in Prassia, the cypress under which pater-Kosmas taught still remains.