The Municipality of Karpenisi derived from the merger of six small alpine municipalities: Domnista, Karpenisi, Ktimenioi, Potamia, Prousos and Fourna. It occupies the south and east side of Evrytania and it consists of 49 local communities. Its capital, administrative and economic center is Karpenisi, whose name bears the new Municipality.

In the center of Greece, surrounded by forests and high mountains, the Municipality of Karpenisi offers a unique sightseeing experience, action and adventure, rest and relaxation, 365 days a year.

Historical monuments, folkloric museums, monasteries and churches untouched by time are hidden within the incomparably beautiful natural environment. Activities in nature, the great history, the oldest traditions, culinary delights and the warm hospitality are the elements that make Karpenisi and the villages an authentic place to live.