Canyon Pantavrechi

dsc_3950One of the most impressive and beautiful areas in Evrytania is the Pantavrechi Canyon, located between the villages of Roska and Doliana in the southern prefecture.

This exceptional canyon owes its name to a specific area which does not exceed a length of 80 meters. There the icy waters, which come from the steep mountain of Kaliakouda, in their attempt to become one with the waters of the river Krikelioti find an outlet from sources on the tops of the canyon creating beautiful waterfalls.

However, their flow is not contiguous and compact, due to their great height. To the contrary, it breaks down into a wide radius to both small and large drops, creating a continuous artificial rain. The result is a breathtaking scenery!

To reach the canyon you can choose between three routes. In all of them a certain distance must be crossed by car- a jeep is the ideal choice. After that you hike into the river to reach the Pantavrechi area.

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Φαράγγι Πανταβρέχει

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Φαράγγι Πανταβρέχει 38.756761, 21.735806 [caption id=\"attachment_359\" align=\"aligncenter\" width=\"150\"] Φαράγγι Πανταβρέχει[/caption]Φαράγγι Πανταβρέχει (Directions)