pezoporiaWalking on mountain trails, forest roads and paths. Explore pristine areas with dense forests and forgotten hamlets. A unique activity that leads to new destinations, offers health and guarantees beautiful and enchanting images which everyone will hack into their memory or their camera! It’s an activity which can be carried out throughout the year and may last for a few hours (hiking) or be  extended (trekking). To take part in a one- day or multi-day hiking all you need is mental and physical health. For the more demanding hikes a good physical condition is demanded.

Ages: 10-65 years old. ‘


You need to bring your hiking shoes, comfortable clothing, a waterproof jacket, a hat, sunglasses, a backpack, a canteen, light food (raisins, chocolate, sandwiches). For the multi-day hiking you will also need a sleeping bag and a flashlight.


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